About us

Founded by Yiuwin Tsang & Amy Wilkinson, Disruptive Thinking has grown from a genuine interest in the power of both the human, digital and technological potential within organisations. For us, it’s working with the people who make up the company - their cultural dynamics, team structure and ambition for what they do - combined with digital technology, process and industry advancements, which really drives us to make an impact for our clients.

Our motto is doing good work for good people. We’re proud of the quality of work we deliver, and ultimately want to work with clients who are also passionate and driven about what they do.

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Yiuwin Tsang

Yiuwin founded Disruptive Thinking in the summer of 2017 after eight years working with one of the UK's leading B2B publishers. He started out as a sales executive, working up through to executive level as publisher of the UK's largest and most active small business digital portfolio and overseeing a 200% revenue growth in this senior role.

Driven by a passion to see those around him succeed, not only in a professional capacity but also develop in a personal one, Yiuwin thrives when working with teams and individuals on practical and strategic levels to help them grow.

Outside of Disruptive Thinking, you can find him hanging out with his young family, daydreaming about mixing records, playing with gadgets and being a highly ineffective inside-out left winger when there's no one else to play out there.

Yiuwin also occasionally takes on speaking slots, and has been known to join the odd panel session or give a keynote presentation.

You can read Yiuwin's tweets here and have a look at his LinkedIn profile here.

If interested in booking Yiuwin for any speaking opportunities please get in touch.


Amy Wilkinson

With experience working across in-house and agency marketing teams, Amy has a proven background designing, implementing and optimising complex, integrated digital campaigns and projects. Beginning her career as a copywriter, Amy has led marketing communications strategy, campaign management and client services for an array of companies, mostly in the B2B, not-for-profit and creative industries sectors.

Amy's expertise centres around translating big creative thinking and objectives into measurable digital delivery, and working closely with individuals and teams in order to drive projects and growth.

Spending her downtime playing video games and nerding out with her web developer husband, Amy occasionally seeks daylight to explore National Trust properties, buy wine and talk about how great dogs are.

Amy tends to leave the showing off on stage to Yiuwin - and instead takes on individuals and smaller groups for training across a number of topics including Google Analytics, marketing strategy, campaign delivery and more. Take a look at our workshops page, or get in touch if you’re interested in booking any workshops with the Disruptive Thinking team.

Check out Amy's LinkedIn, & see her tweets here.


- Our Values -

Be brave & think big

To be brave you need to be scared. There's nothing wrong with being scared by our ambitions. Don't shy away from the challenge, nothing worth doing has ever been easy.

Commit to making it awesome

Sometimes, there is no manual or playbook to read - we work it out, deliver, then make it better. We are restless in seeking improvement, never settling for minimum viable product - we have to make it better, or else risk that someone else will.

Keep it simple

People won't buy in if they just don't get it. Confusion results in apprehension and undermines trust. Make it easy to understand, easy to explain and easy to say yes.

Be excellent to each other

We do good work with good people. From our clients and partners to teammates, trust is the leveller that is earned slow but lost fast. Don't be a dick. Be like Bill and Ted.