Welcome to Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Thinking is a business development & marketing consultancy. We work with clients who want to innovate, adapt and grow by focusing on the people, processes, teams and tools within organisations.

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Balancing people with technology

It’s our human approach to business development along with our expertise in digital, marketing and delivery which sets us apart. We help our clients to disrupt their current way of working; examining both technology and human infrastructure, helping them to grow, change and succeed at pace.

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Our Approach

We believe that organisations and individuals are truly effective when harnessing the power of both the technology and tools at their disposal, along with the human processes, team dynamic and culture behind the company. This spans across business development, sales and marketing - a business’ output across these functions is only as powerful as the individuals, tools and processes behind the delivery.

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Our Services

Marketing & Commercial

We consult on effective marketing and sales strategy, helping clients to plan, implement and optimise an effective and sustainable approach.


Processes, People & Teams

We enable clients to maximise their team output. From people planning to running bespoke workshops and identifying efficiency gains, we help a range of different size organisations to develop, focus and grow.


Technical & Digital

We help clients make decisions around technology investments, from technical brief to commercial and human gains. We offer end to end project management support from initial ideas through to execution and iteration - from core projects such as website builds, CMS development or CRM integrations to bespoke technical projects.


Who we've worked with

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